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Rogue Snail: Star Vikings Forever

Puuba: The Metronomicon – Slay the Dance Floor

Hashbang Games: Mage Guard – The Last Grimoire

Little Moth Studios: Keep in Mind – Remastered

Universal: Popstar

Paramount: Daddy’s Home

Night Light: Whispering Willows

Puuba: The Weaponographist

Paramount: TMNT

Disney: Where’s My Water? 2

Latest Projects

Updates on projects I'm working on and when they release.

Star Vikings Forever Releases

18th July 2017 By David Logan

Akupara Games published Star Vikings Forever with developer Rogue Snail, of Chroma Squad, Dungeonland, and Relic Hunters Zero fame. The game released on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux, as well as iOS and Android on July 6th 2017.

I led the publishing team with Akupara Games, and was very hands on with the project, focusing on the distribution and partner relations. We helped get Star Vikings Forever featured in the App Store, as well as a multitude of other sites like Humble Store and GoG.

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Mage Guard – The Last Grimoire

23rd April 2017 By David Logan

Akupara Games is currently working with Hashbang Games on Mage Guard – providing development support with environment modeling, as well as marketing support.

The rift has opened. Strange creatures are beginning to pour into our world and are seeking to claim it as their own. Play as a Guild Mage and protect their most powerful Relic; the last grimoire that safeguards our realm from being torn asunder. Stand your ground in a new VR game experience that allows you to cast spells with a few simple motions of your hand, and learn more powerful spells as you progress. Fend off the invading corruptive forces and above all else, do not let the Relic fall into the wrong hands.

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The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor

1st March 2017 By David Logan

The Metronomicon – Slay the Dance Floor has just been announced for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! Even better news – my studio Akupara Games will be the publisher. I’m incredibly excited to be working with The Metronomicon even further. We feel the project still has a lot of potential, and wanted to widen the audience even further.

Slay the Dance Floor adds a ton of new content, including the highly requested co-operative gameplay. Co-op is available in every game mode – so play with your buddy through story, challenges, and free play. We’re also adding a brand new unlockable character, and an entirely new game mode, yet to be revealed.

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