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Game Credits

Game Developer Publisher Position Platforms Year
Mobile Fighter Tonk Tonk Games Tonk Tonk Games Producer iOS РAndroid Current
GalaCollider Neocrux Neocrux Producer PC – Mac – Linux
iOS – Android
Tiptoe Tower Cloud Bound Entertainment Cloud Bound Entertainment Producer iOS Current
OFIP: Next Generation Command Televate Ohio State Exec. Producer PC – Mac – VR
iOS – Android
Mage Guard: The Last Grimoire Hashbang Games Hashbang Games Exec. Producer PC – Mac – VR 2017
Keep in Mind: Remastered Little Moth Akupara Games Exec. Producer PC – Mac 2017
EmergeNYC FlipSwitch Games FlipSwitch Games Exec. Producer PC – Mac 2016
Tanks with Friends Erik Anderson Erik Anderson Producer iOS – Android 2016
The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor Puuba Akupara Games
Kasedo Games
Producer PC – Mac
PS4 – XB1
Wheel of Fortune: Toss-Up Challenge TVGla Sony TV Producer Web 2015
Whispering Willows Night Light Interactive Night Light Interactive
Loot Interactive
Abstraction Games
Executive Producer
PC – Mac – Linux
PS4 – XB1 – Wii U
iOS – Android – PSVita
The Weaponographist Puuba Mastertronic Art Producer PC – Mac 2015
Bubble Struggle: Adventures Kresimir Cvitanovic Kresimir Cvitanovic Marketing Director iOS – Android 2015
Stick and Chick Animax Animax Producer
Game Designer
iOS – Android 2014
Bungees Animax Jazwares Producer iOS – Android 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animax
Nickelodeon Associate Producer iOS – Android 2014
Anchorman 2:
Scotchy Scotch Toss
Animax Paramount Art Producer iOS – Android 2013
Where's My Water? 2 Animax
Disney Interactive
Disney Interactive Animation Producer iOS – Android 2013
Dark Crystal Animax Henson Producer
Game Designer
Web 2013
Django Unchained:
Bounty Hunter 1800
The Weinstein Company Producer Web
iOS – Android
Beanie Ballz Bounce Animax Ty Associate Producer iOS – Android 2012
Game Changers
Animax Scholastic Producer Web 2012
Earth Haven 2: Retribution Cabbage Patch Killers CSU Chico Producer
PC 2009