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By David Logan

Kickstarter for Whispering Willows!

On 12, Feb 2013 | In Video Game | By David Logan

Night Light just launched our Kickstarter campaign to further our development on Whispering Willows! The money raised in this campaign will allow us to invest more time so we can release the game sooner and add more polish. We also want to bring the game to Android and iOS in addition to the platforms we’re already developing for- OUYA, PC, Mac, and Linux.

The scope of our game is beginning to expand with the growing hype of the OUYA console, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our followers, and the passion from our team members. We decided to come to Kickstarter because we want to create the best possible product and experience for YOU!

We have brought together some very talented people to work on the rewards. In addition to the game, you can get the soundtrack, art book, and a ton of other Whispering Willows swag!  Below are a few of my personal favorite rewards- a plushie doll of Elena and a hand carved jade necklace based on the amulet Elena wears.


jade jan 31 007
jade made 002

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