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By David Logan

New Studio – Akupara Games

On 05, Nov 2016 | In General, Video Game | By David Logan

I’ve done it again, I’ve started another game studio. The studio is called Akupara Games.

Back when I started Night Light Interactive in 2012, I was a recent college grad, and looking to mainly create a portfolio piece to help launch my career in games.  It was an incredible learning experience, and built the foundation of my knowledge in development and publishing.

Several years later I’m starting a new studio for completely different reasons. Over the past seven years I have created a lot of games. I have had a lot of successes, and a lot of failures. There are so many things I wish I had known when I had been creating games.

Akupara Games will be a bit different than Night Light. The focus will be on publishing games from other indie teams. The idea here is to take my team’s knowledge and help apply it to wherever is needed to see these other games succeed. I have been seeking out some of the best in-development games, that need an extra push – whether in marketing, game design, or programming.

Our first several projects include horror adventure game Keep in Mind, rhythm RPG The Metronomicon, and development work on emergency simulator EmergeNYC.

I’m really excited to see where this new direction takes me, and hope to share much more exciting news.

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