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By David Logan

Popstar Phase 2 Site & Social

On 26, May 2016 | In Banners, Social Media, Website | By David Logan

TVGla has updated the Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping website for Universal to include two pretty cool new pages – The Conntourage Job Generator, and The Early Dayz.

Have you ever wanted to work for the infamous Conner4Real? Use the Job Generator and find out what your hilarious position would be in his Conntourage. Click “Generate” and spin a “slot-machine”-like wheel of job opportunities. After you get your title, you can share to Facebook and Twitter, or suggest the job for one of your friends.

The Early Dayz is a page dedicated to Conner4Real’s original band called The Style Boyz. Take a trip down memory lane as you read about each of the posse, check out their swag, and learn how to do their world-famous dance move – the Donkey Roll!

For social we continued to churn out a ton of original content including a billboard that will live in NYC, tons of various video bumpers, and stylish static images which garnered thousands of organic likes and shares.

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