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By David Logan

On 23, Apr 2017 | In | By David Logan

Hashbang Games: Mage Guard – The Last Grimoire

I led the development team at Akupara Games, who worked with Hashbang Games on Mage Guard – providing development support with environment modeling, as well as marketing support.

The rift has opened. Strange creatures are beginning to pour into our world and are seeking to claim it as their own.

Play as a Guild Mage and protect their most powerful Relic; the last grimoire that safeguards our realm from being torn asunder. Stand your ground in a new VR game experience that allows you to cast spells with a few simple motions of your hand, and learn more powerful spells as you progress. Fend off the invading corruptive forces and above all else, do not let the Relic fall into the wrong hands.


  • Neverending Hordes – Defend against endless waves of enemies with your arsenal of powerful spells
  • Tons of Spells – Play as multiple character classes, gaining experience to unlock new abilities
  • VR Enabled – Use motion controls to cast your spells in this immersive VR experience
  • Game Modes – Play solo in the story mode, or compete against your friends in Multiplayer duels

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