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By David Logan

On 11, Dec 2015 | In | By David Logan

Paramount: Daddy’s Home

Daddy’s Home stars Will Ferrell (Brad) and Mark Whalberg (Dusty), who are competing for their family’s affection as step-dad and recently back-in-their-lives, real dad. I produced the website and social with TVGla for Paramount Pictures.

The Daddy’s Home site reflects the competing dads by emphasizing the duality between them. The user is presented the choice on site load to “Choose Your Daddy.” Depending on the Dad/Step-Dad chosen, they are taken to a special page that has social content curated for the chosen person. The site is built on Tumblr, and we have a unique tagging system that pulls content for each dad’s page.

For this project we merged social and creative teams together to generate content for the movie’s social channels and website.

Daddy’s Home opened in theaters December 25th, 2015.

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