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By David Logan

On 20, Apr 2012 | In | By David Logan

US Forest Service: Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear is the mascot of the United States Forest Service created to educate people, primarily, children, about the dangers of forest fires.  The campaign is run by the United States Forest Service, the National Association of State Foresters, the Ad Council and my company, HelpsGood.

June 2012 marks the two year anniversary with Smokey and HelpsGood.  HelpsGood has deployed multiple social media marketing tactics and created new content to support the campaign.  We have created original apps for the web and mobile devices, as well as imagery, articles, and more.

Campaign Outcome:

  • 62,000+ Facebook likes, which grew by almost 250% since 2010
  • 11,000+ Twitter likes, which grew by over 500% since 2010
  • His YouTube channel gets 500% more views per year than it did in 2010
  • The official website is now getting almost 400% more views per year than it did in 2010

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