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By David Logan

On 12, Dec 2014 | In | By David Logan

Animax: Stick and Chick

Stick and Chick is an epic and funny hip-hop shooter filled with guns, chicks, beatboxing, stick figures and more guns. Animax recently launched Stick and Chick for free in the Apple’s iTunes App Store for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices and on Google Play for Android tablets and mobile phones.

In the new mobile game, players take control of Stick in this retro arcade shooter style adventure, to win back his girl Chick from her thuggish brother Thick. Stick and Chick are a hip-hop Romeo and Juliet, two stick figures from rival gangs on opposite sides of the animated tracks, just trying to find love. But to get his girl, Stick needs to battle thugs and ninjas through 10 action-packed levels full of testosterone throttling boss fights using an arsenal of guns and weapons that would make the NRA look like a bunny swaddling convention.

The game was developed in-house by Animax using Corona SDK. Animax is also working with Iddiction and the Xplode platform for global marketing and distribution. There are also a couple of viral videos Animax produced to promote the game on YouTube.

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