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By David Logan

On 02, Sep 2012 | In | By David Logan

Disney: Swampy’s Underground Adventures

The “Swampy’s Underground Adventures” webseries is based off the hit Disney iOS and Android game app “Where’s My Water?,” which has had over 100 million downloads to date. In this true transmedia project, Animax developed out the story universe and characters, and then wrote and animated the first season consisting of 12 episodes and 2 teasers which debuted on, Disney’s YouTube network, and Disney Channel.  Read more about the show on Kidscreen.

The show stars Swampy, an alligator living in the sewers who loves getting clean in his shower.  He is fascinated by human culture and often tries to bring this culture to the other alligators in the sewers.  Often he misinterprets these events and objects which leads to hilarious situations.  Cranky, the alpha male of the alligators, dislikes humans and doesn’t understand why Swampy would want to act like them.  The show features them and other alligators such as the sassy female Allie, and the goofy and lovable Karl.

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