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Henson: The Dark CrystalHenson: The Dark Crystal

By David Logan

On 16, Jul 2013 | In | By David Logan

Henson: The Dark Crystal

The Jim Henson Company turned to Animax to help commemorate The Dark Crystal  by adding fun social media driven elements to the franchise website. With a nod to the retro and cult nature of the movie, Animax recreated the original MUD text based adventure game which debuted on the Apple II (ah, the good old days) as an updated HTML5 game.

Animax also engineered the website’s Create section which features user submitted content (images, video, and text) and a UGC meme generator. With thousands of memes created and shared by fans to their Facebook and Twitter channels, the site got a healthy viral social media lift.

The game features Jen, Kira, and Fizzgig on their quest to find the crystal shard and to heal the Dark Crystal. It has beautiful pixel artwork and branching story paths. Can you guide the Gelfling to restore balance to his world?

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