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By David Logan

On 12, Sep 2013 | In | By David Logan

Disney: Where’s My Water? 2

Disney and Animax teamed up again, this time on the new ”Where’s My Water? 2” game app. After garnering millions of views with the animated “Swampy’s Underground Adventures” TV series Animax created for Disney based on the original “Where’s My Water?” mobile game, Disney turned to Animax again to create a series of animations used in the sequel to the iTunes Store best-selling app that would act as cutscene rewards during the game.

The animations include all the main characters- Swampy, Cranky, Allie, and all their gator friends. Featured in the cutscenes are locations from the game including the soap factory and beach. The pieces have original voices from the cast of “Swampy’s UA.”

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