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By David Logan

Puppets Unite!

On 02, Nov 2012 | In Website | By David Logan

The Million Puppet March is tomorrow in Washington D.C. with nearly 2000 people who RSVP’d on Facebook saying they are attending!  There will be speakers as well as puppet performances, live music, and of course the march from Lincoln Park to the Capital Reflecting Pool.

MPM has been exploding all over the internet as well.  The MPM store has over 100 different products that were created by Animax.  Animax has also created animations, music, and applications for the web, Android, and iOS devices.  You can Puppet Yourself or join in on the Virtual Puppet March.  The Facebook has been doing fantastic as well with over 23,000 likes.

People can help by donating to the indiegogo to raise money for the project.  You can also join one of the Meetup groups all over the USA, share your video or photo to show you’re virtually supporting the march, and sign the petition to keep public broadcasting.

View the portfolio piece here.

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