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By David Logan

Global Game Jam 2017 – Donnie’s Dogs

On 23, Jan 2017 | In Desktop, Video Game, Web | By David Logan

The best kind of bonding is over extra long work days, being in the same room non-stop with people, and cranking out a kick ass game. Recently a group of us from Akupara went to the Global Game Jam in North Hollywood, which is one of the 600+ locations that all participated in the Global Game Jam at the same time.

Teams get formed, and each team had 48 hours to create a game from scratch based on a particular theme. The theme for 2017 was “Waves,” so our team (which included both Akupara and new friends), created a game based on the popular stadium cheer called “the wave” where people raise their hands at proper timing in conjunction with others to create the effect that the crowd is making a wave.

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