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By David Logan

The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor

On 01, Mar 2017 | In Console, Video Game | By David Logan

The Metronomicon – Slay the Dance Floor has just been announced for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! Even better news – my studio Akupara Games will be the publisher. I’m incredibly excited to be working with The Metronomicon¬†even further. We feel the project still has a lot of potential, and wanted to widen the audience even further.

Slay the Dance Floor adds a ton of new content, including the highly requested co-operative gameplay. Co-op is available in every game mode – so play with your buddy through story, challenges, and free play. We’re also adding a brand new unlockable character, and an entirely new game mode, yet to be revealed.

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In Desktop
Video Game

By David Logan

The Metronomicon Launches on Steam!

On 30, Sep 2016 | In Desktop, Video Game | By David Logan

The Metronomicon, the rhythm-RPG hybrid that I closely worked on with Puuba, has finally released on Steam for PC and Mac!

The player controls a full party of heroes such as a Warrior, Mage, and Cleric, but their spells and attacks are activated by chaining together notes like you would in rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. Each hero has their own lane of music, and the player can switch between lanes at any time to select the hero they want to attack with.

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