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By David Logan

What's Next For a Million Puppets

On 16, Nov 2012 | In Website | By David Logan

Hundreds of puppets marched through the streets of Washington D.C., surrounded by happy people and live music.  The Million Puppet March was extremely successful with over 1500 people attending and 11500 live streams!  There were speakers as well as puppet performances, live music, and of course the march from Lincoln Park to the Capital Reflecting Pool.  We created a short movie documenting the event so everyone who missed the march can relive the excitement.  Michael Bellavia, co-founder of MPM, was on NBCLA to talk about the march, the movie, and the music album!  Four songs are currently on the album including a love song for Terry Gross.

The indiegogo also finished this week, earning over $6500!  These coming weeks we are working on sending out all the prizes.   Even though the election is over, the puppets will keep marching with new content!  We will continue to support the community with posts, petitions, animations, and music!

View the portfolio piece here.

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